“Thank you for the fun when I come to the dentist…and for the great care and compassion too. You are super people!”
Brook B.

“Thank you Dr. Dan for the book you gave me. I started reading it and enjoy starting the day with the thoughts of my Lord. It was thoughtful and kind of you.”
Sammy W.

“”People tell me all the time what a great smile I have. It’s even better when all my teeth are there. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family. You DO provide dentistry from the heart and we love you for it!”
Carla M.

“The flowers you sent are so lovely. Your office is great! Dr. McHenry he’s just the best!”
Sheila V.

“I HATE the dentist! But Dr. Dan and his team has given me one one of the best, and most comfortable, dental experiences ever.”
Nick Keebaugh

“Congrats on 30 yrs. of practice! Your skill and chair side manner make going to the dentist stress free! Don’t even think of retiring yet!”
Denise C.

“Dr. Dan fixed my chipped front tooth when I was younger. I wouldn’t have the smile I have now if it weren’t for him.”
Deanna C.

“Not only is Dr. Dan the best dentist, he is so funny. I know I will always get a laugh when I come in for my check-up. His funny stories have brought tears to my eyes!! I recommend him to anyone who needs a dentist because he is so good as what he does and enjoys it!!”
Kim F.

“Dr. Dan is an extraordinary dentist and human being. Growing up I was never afraid to go to the dentist because I knew that Dr. Dan and his staff were waiting to greet us with a warm welcome. My family has been truly blessed knowing Dr. Dan our dentist and friend for so many years. Thank you Dr. Dan!!! ”
Amanda B.

“Dr. Dan is a wonderful person and a great dentist. My whole family come to the office, my husband and three children. We are very happy to be wit Dr. Dan for so many years. Congrats to Dr. Dan for all your years of great work!”
Cathy S.

“I haven’t met someone who combines his professionalism with comedy and a genuine personality the way you do. Thank you for taking a personal interest in the transformation and care of my teeth. It’s nice to have the confidence to smile. Also, thank you for treating my referrals the same!! I wish you continued success in your practice that you enjoy!! “
Ron N.

“Who knew you could have fun at the dentist? Certainly not me! I grew up with some of the most unfriendly and painful dentists around. I have told people that our family actually looks forward to going to our dentist! Is this normal?? Our daughters comments about Dr. Dan are “He’s never hurt me once”, “He’s hilarious”, and “he keeps our teeth healthy and nice.”

Beyond the fun in his office, he has always done amazing work. Everyone who works in his office does a great job. It is never painful and we always get such wonderful results. When our daughter needed a filling for a small cavity she said she didn’t feel a thing and it was no big deal.

We have been so grateful to Dr. Dan for all he has done for our family. It’s no small thing to make people happy everyday – not everyone can do it so effortlessly, and it is very much needed and appreciated!!”
Karen, Erik, Hannah, and Olivia S.

“Dr. Dan has taken great care of us, our kids and now our grandkids! We have watched him grown from a young bachelor, to a married man and now father. He is our doctor as well as our friend!”
Glenda and JR T.

“Dr. Dan has been providing service for my family since 1985. When we lived in Troy, we would drive the 35 miles to bring our family to Dr. Dan’s office in Westland. He is that good!! Congrats on your 30 years of dentistry!!”
Ken C.

“We have been blessed with 20 years of outstanding dentistry. May God continue to guide his life and his hands as he celebrates 30 years in dentistry!! “
Jim and Mary M.

An Ode to Dr. Dan: (Thanks for the Smile!)

Dr. Dan, he is the best
To me there is no doubt
If you have a trouble tooth,
He will not pull it out.
He’ll drill and grind and check his work
And in a wee short while
You’ll leave his office feeling great
An so proud of your smile!

My wife and daughters love him so
As do myself and friends.
His work is truly painless
On this you can depend.
We hope he never does retire
We won’t know what to do.
So Doc, this is a sincere ode
To you and your staff, too!!
Ike M.

“Our first meeting with Dr. Dan was. when he came to Head Start preschool classes in Garden City and the Readiness Class. We have been seeing him for these 30 years. He has helped my husband overcome his childhood (and adulthood) fear if going to the dentist! “
Daryl & Mryna E

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