Dentistry from the Heart

Who We Are

Daniel J. Johnson, D.D.S., & Dr. Card, are gifted in all aspects of modern dentistry and have a passion for cosmetic dentistry. Each doctor’s expertise and talent are just one of the reasons why our patients leave from their appointments with beautiful smiles. The entire staff has a passion to share in the excitement as our patients see their NEW SMILE for the first time. Tears of joy, laughter, and of course SMILES are a regular occurrence in our office. That is what our logo “Experience the Difference, Dentistry from the Heart” means. It is top quality dentistry from people with caring and compassionate hearts for others. We consider all of our patients like a family and want them to feel right at home. It is our desire to make every visit, a WOW experience! When was the last time you looked forward to going to the dentist? Our patients often tell us they have been excited to come visit us and have a laugh. “You are not able to describe the difference,” one patient told us, “you have to experience it for yourself!” So we invite you to come and Experience the Difference. You’ll be happy you came in (and may wish you had found us sooner!)

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